Encouraged Over Coffee

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. -1 Thessalonians 5:11

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You Have An Important Job

I finally was able to sit down and watch the movie Mom’s Night Out. It was so nice to watch a movie that was not violent (except for a punch in the face and a headbutt, teehee) or full of naked women or dead bodies. Mom’s Night Out was refreshing. Tricia Goyer wrote the novelized version of the movie [affiliate] that I read that a while back, and I was {IM}patiently waiting to be able to rent the movie on Google. Last night hubs sat and watched it with me. He is a good man. Have you seen it? If you’re a mom, then you NEED to. It isn’t cheesy or corny, it is real. It reminded me that I am important, even when society makes me feel small, like my job is trivial. What I do is nurture and care for the next generation, if I don’t then who will? It encouraged me and I think it will encourage you, too.

Here is a preview: Mom’s Night Out

Be Encouraged!
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When You Grow Up

Think back. Way back. Maybe even further than that.
When you were a wee one, what did you want to be? A princess or Jem (I totally just told you how old I am with that reference)? Maybe a little later. A real desire or calling, perhaps an architect or teacher? That is what I’m talking about. Stop right there. What was that first real aspiration for your life? Was it a big fancy career, or to have a baseball team of children, maybe you wanted to be a famous singer (like Jem), did you just want to get out of that town?
I have a long list of aspirations from my life. Interior Designer, Architect, Dentist, Physical Therapist. Oi. I am none of those things but God sure had aspirations bigger than I could have ever imagined–just for me–and He isn’t done yet.
Have you ever sat down and thought about your life? This may not be applicable to everyone but my life is crazy! I don’t mean the normal-mom-wife-kids stuff, I am talking about living overseas. I had barely left California when I met my husband. We’ve lived on three continents, three countries, three states-all in nine years. insane. And now we live in Kazakhstan. Whodathunkit?
If you are discouraged because your plan isn’t unfolding the way you want it to, I want you to understand that God has something bigger than you have ever imagined waiting for you. Take a leap of faith and trust in Jesus.

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The Harder I Try

The other day I wrote about trying to juggle everything. After I wrote that post I was thinking about a way to visualize juggling the every day things without it being a juggler. I thought of a scale, like an old school gold scale. But the one I was thinking of has 4 or 6 or, maybe even 8 different places for you to balance things. Think about how hard that would be to get aligned and even.
I’m writing about this again because it is something I’m really struggling with right now. Maybe writing it all out will help me process and overcome it. I’m trying to figure this all out. I’ve been a mom for over eight years, a wife almost eight years, and a woman for a long time. I’ve had issues with my weight for twenty years. I’ve been going to school for about two. We started homeschooling almost 4 years ago. When will I figure it all out? When the kids move on to college? When my degree is finished?
Yesterday, we had a great homeschool day. There was no arguing and everyone got their work done and we started working on a fun project. All the chores got done, laundry put away, dinner on the table before Hubs walked in the door. This is what sounds like a miracle day-but, no. I never got dressed, I did not exercise, and I ate enough junk to feed a small country. I was lethargic and had to drink more coffee in the afternoon to keep going. My emotions are all out of whack, you’d think I’d just had a baby (no, not pregnant) and my appetite is insatiable. It seems that the harder I try, the harder I fall.
I started a diet about a month ago. One of those trendy diets that I’m not even going to admit to starting (not Weight Watchers, I’ve done that 6 times before but that isn’t what I’m referring to). I did so good and lost FIVE pounds the first week. I gave myself a little celebration room the next week and [shocker] gained it all back the next. Bleh. I am so thankful for yoga pants and their dressier sister, the maxi skirt.
I honestly have no idea what path this blog will take but I surely didn’t think it would be my confessional. I really want you to know that I am the real deal. No secrets, no fluff (well, not in my blog writing), just me. Sometimes it is encouraging to just find someone who has “been there, done that”, someone to relate to. I hope I can be that light for you. I want to be the friend that you need or the ear to hear or the virtual hug to soothe you. You are not alone. Whatever your struggle may be, I’m here. Email me, Facebook me, wherever…. I’m here.

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A Juggling Act

It seems like when I really want to focus my attention on a specific thing or aspect of my life, then everything is thrown into chaos and I cannot focus on that one thing. Am I alone in this? Maybe it is because I get off balance and throw everything by the wayside whenever I try to focus on one thing? Whatever it may be, I’m tired of it. I feel like I’m always going to be the juggling act. Then there are the days when I throw everything up in the air and watch them come crashing down around my feet. I just watch it all laying there, with my head hung in shame. I drop to my knees and think about it all laying there around me. Why do I try to do all of this?
Sitting there, on my knees, wondering why I am putting myself through all this, God reminds me why…

For Him.

I am doing it all for Him. All the laundry, the herding of cats, er, children (a great pastor friend of mine shared that with me and it just stuck), the home-educating, the college attending, the cooking, the blogging.

All for Him.

In the middle of my mess, surrounded by everything I am trying to juggle, I have to stop and hold up my hands and pray that God will give me the tools to do what He has asked me to do. Not what I add to my to-do list but what God wants me to do. Nobody ever told me that I need to be Super-Homeschool-Full-Time-Student-Awesome-Wife-Perfect-Home-Blogger-Money-Maker-Woman. Somewhere during this journey I have put that on my own shoulders. He keeps it much simpler than I do; I need to take care of my home, to raise up some godly men, to help my husband, and to share His love. But the most important thing is that I have to remember that I am not doing any of these things alone. Of course, I have two healthy and handsome boys, and an ah-mazing husband, but I am never alone because I have Jesus with me every step of the way. Through every trial, no matter how trivial, and every tribulation, no matter how great.

He is with me.

Be encouraged.

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First Things First

I want you to know that in-NO-way do I claim to have it all together-ever. Ask my husband, or my kids and they’ll tell you that some days are just not good. I have my good days but sometimes those bad days are overabundant. It goes in waves or cycles, like everything in life. If my diet and fitness are good then my homeschool plan is off (or out the window), or when my quiet/prayer time and homework are done, then my husband feels neglected. There seems to always be something out of balance in my life.

Learning how to prioritize and balance is the key. I use a planner and I makes lots of lists and schedules. Do I always stick to them? Nope, by nature I’m not a schedule follower but it helps me to sort out what needs to be done and put it in order. For example, I have a child that always seems to run out of underwear (perhaps he needs more?) and when that happens I know I have waited to long to wash the boys’ laundry.


Photo: Source You know the saying about having a full-plate? I think women need divided cafeteria trays. A place for everything and for everything a place.

Anyway, all that to say- I’m a broken mess of a human. Only by God’s grace to I make it through each day. I pray that in my posts that I never come across like I am better than anyone or better at anything. I am an expert in my field. The field of chaos and craziness that is my life. I want to make this a place for women of all walks of life to be encouraged, including myself. I need it just as much as the next girl.

Be encouraged.


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