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Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing. -1 Thessalonians 5:11

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2015 Focus Word

I’ve seen a lot of people around the webisphere that are choosing a word to represent 2015. Google Logos365 if you want some specific information, there are also books available to help. All I did was pray for some direction and got led me to the word TRUST. I did some more searching in the Word and found a great verse to go along with my word. Psalm 62:8 was perfect. I found this graphic and printed it out for my planner:

Did you choose a word or a verse to focus on in the new year?

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Happy New Year!

Hi there friends, I have to admit that this blog hasn’t developed exactly how I had hoped. In the new year I am hoping to share a bit more here and do a lot more encouraging. I share encouragement quite a bit on the Encouraged Over Coffee page but I would like to share more direct inspiration with you. Please be in prayer about this. Help me to re-focus and re-commit this year. I am praying that you will be encouraged and blessed in the new year. It goes by so fast, don’t take a moment for granted.
Be Encouraged

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You Have An Important Job

I finally was able to sit down and watch the movie Mom’s Night Out. It was so nice to watch a movie that was not violent (except for a punch in the face and a headbutt, teehee) or full of naked women or dead bodies. Mom’s Night Out was refreshing. Tricia Goyer wrote the novelized version of the movie [affiliate] that I read that a while back, and I was {IM}patiently waiting to be able to rent the movie on Google. Last night hubs sat and watched it with me. He is a good man. Have you seen it? If you’re a mom, then you NEED to. It isn’t cheesy or corny, it is real. It reminded me that I am important, even when society makes me feel small, like my job is trivial. What I do is nurture and care for the next generation, if I don’t then who will? It encouraged me and I think it will encourage you, too.

Here is a preview: Mom’s Night Out

Be Encouraged!
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Monday Motivation 6


Six weeks has gone by fast! Writing out my goals has definitely helped keep me more accountable. It isn’t foolproof but it helps to see them and share them.

Last week I struggled with getting out of bed earlier. Well, I think I struggle with going to bed earlier which makes it more difficult to get up in the morning. I really enjoy that time with my husband in the evenings, when he is actually awake and not snoring next to me. I did work out three times and did a double workout on Friday. I definitely felt it the next day. And, who know that yoga was so hard? I am going to continue working on my portion sizes, this will always be something I struggle with. Water has been getting easier. I have a 24 ounce cup that I use, so my goal is to drink three of those each day, and I usually have herbal tea in the evening which is ten more ounces.

This week:

  • Food Journal
  • In bed by 10:00
  • Portion control
  • No coffee in the afternoon

My husband suggested that I try food journaling again. I have done Weight Watchers in the past and I honestly believe that food journaling is the reason people have success with the program. Writing down every morsel and every drop that goes into your mouth can be quite humbling. I haven’t lost much weight even though I have made some healthy changes and am exercising more, so writing it down puts it all out there in front of me helps me analyze what the problem is. I have tried writing the food in my planner but I can’t keep it up. So, I went back to Spark People. If you haven’t tried Spark People then go check it out. I can keep track of my food and exercise, find recipes and workouts, get encouragement and find people to chat with in the community area. All for FREE! Find my profile here: Run Turtle is my ID.

I have been getting sleepy in the afternoon and I started drinking coffee… no mas. So, I am cancelling that and will add in some fruit if I get sleepy instead. Going to bed earlier will help me get up earlier. And Spark People will help with portion control.

Let’s do this! Week 6!


Monday Motivation 5


Is it really Monday? again? Maybe it is just me, but I really love hanging out with my husband. I can’t wait until he retires and we can do things that we love together all the time. I love weekends. Yesterday was my husband’s birthday, so it was an extra special weekend. He doesn’t like parties much, so we just had another family over to barbecue and she made cupcakes. I only ate 2 of them, even though they were super yummy and I could’ve eaten the entire batch. I had grilled chicken and chili and some pasta salad. I exercised! I did a twenty minute cardio workout and a twenty minute ab routine that are both part of TurboJam from Chalene Johnson. It felt good, eating better and exercising. I wish I could feel like that every day.

I am taking Math 100 right now, just your basic fundamentals for the college level. It has been quite stressful for me. There were tears last night. I’m praying that I make it through (3 weeks to go!) with a high C in the class. I’ve got too much going on right now and I’ve prayed about it and cried about it and probably yelled about it, but I have decided to take the fall off from my college courses. I know education is important but it is also the one thing that will always be there. Homeschooling can’t wait, the laundry can’t wait (I won’t lie though, I do have a maid that comes twice a week and is a HUGE help, living abroad has its perks), meals can’t wait, my sanity can’t wait, and my husband is done waiting. I feel like something is always on the back burner. I am trying to learn to prioritize and arrange but one can only do so much. So, I am slowing it down. I’m going to spend more time reading and listening, being enriched and enriching others.

Celebrating last week:

  • again, only two cupcakes yesterday when I could’ve gone totally crazy.
  • I have been weighing myself and I am pretty sure I’ve officially lost 2 pounds.
  • had to reschedule my bloodwork. they poked me three times and couldn’t get any.
  • been drinking at least 48 ounces of water a day, which is an improvement.

This week:

  • continue trying to get up earlier, between 6 and 6:30
  • three workouts seems to be my magic number, so I’m going to try and make those three workouts a little harder or longer this week.
  • continue to work on portion size.
  • try to up that water to 72 ounces


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30 Day Push

I know that it may seem like this is turning into a fitness blog but that really isn’t my intention. The area I need the most encouragement right now is my physical health and that is what I am reading about, focusing on, and struggling with. In turn, that is what is pouring into my blog. So, stick with me, there will be more encouragement in other areas soon!

I wanted to share with you a challenge that I am working on right now. I was introduced (not in real life) to Chalene Johnson a couple years ago through Team Beach Body (no affiliation, other than a customer). I started using her workout ChaLEAN Extreme and I fell in love with her motivational style and spunky {but not annoying} personality. I now follow her on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook and I get all kinds of great tips from her. I also recommend checking out her blog. She is not centered on fitness but on teaching and motivating. She offers a challenge called 30 Day Push for FREE! Each day I receive an email with a short video and a small assignment to complete. 30 Day Push is about making your goals into reality. I am really enjoying it! And you can’t beat the price! Go check it, if nothing else you will be encouraged. Again, this is something that I find encouraging-no affiliate links in this post.

chaleneThis is Chalene. Isn’t she adorable?


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